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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Photoshop Vignette Action

I've had several people ask about how i create my gentle soft vignettes on images, so i thought i'd share an action i created to make it simple. I created it this way because it looks more natural. You can still see details under. I prefer it this way instead of just using the burn tool cause it's more uniform, symmetrical, and doesn't look like it was done by hand.

For all of you using Photoshop I created a basic Vignette action to help speed up workflow. It's very simple and works well. I also assign a hotkey to it so it's even quicker.

This action works on a full size image ( i use 10mp images). What you do is just create a marquee with one of the marquee tools. like the Oval or Rectangle. Then run the action, which does the following. It takes the selection you made and feathers it by 140 pixels (you can use this on smaller images too, just use a smaller pixel size for feathering). Then it selects Inverse, next it creates a layer mask via Levels and darkens a bit.

Once you run the action you'll see a levels layer with mask like this:


If you want to add darker vignetting you can now adjust the amount by double clicking the levels button on the layer:


This will pop open the Levels adjustment and you can move the Left hand slider in more towards the right.


To get the white areas darker, move the bottom slider on the right, into the left.


***UPDATE - I added a total of 3 actions to the set. There are now vignettes with 140px, 100px, 60px. You can play with them to see how they differ, but basically the larger the px number i.e. 140px, the more spread out the vignette will the feathered around your selection. The smaller the px number, like 60px, will generate a vignette that is "harder", not feathered as much and will look dense. I'll post some examples soon of before and after. ************

Hope this helps someone make it easier to make a vignette! Please leave a comment if you find this action useful or have any suggestions to tweak it for you.

If you like it and feel like donating I would appreciate it. I can also make actions upon request.

You can download the action here: Basic Vignette Action


Jaci said...

Thanks for posting this Brian. I'm always interested in how other people do things. I do this completely different. Of course, I can't run mine as an action :(


Celeste said...

This is AWESOME!!! Thank you so much! I have about 3 other vignette actions and none of them do exactly what I want them to do - this made me so happy!! And it looks just PERFECT!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

~heartfulhome~ said...

Thanks for sharing this- very kind of you! I love how you have made it "tweakable". I love using it!

Stan Sherwood said...

Thanks Brian. I'm looking forward to trying this action. Your work looks great.

Qaedi Sham said...

Hi Brian,

THanks so much for the actions!

They are fantastic. In fact I googled the first time on how to use Photoshop actions. My first time really.

Now my photos have the classy look thanks to your actions.

Qaedi Sham

Melissa said...

Thank you! Looking forward to fiddling with your actions! Melissa

Dan said...

Great action set! thanks a lot! very useful


Brian Hancock said...

thanks Dan! Glad you like it. if you have any questions about it feel free to let me know. glad to help!

Anonymous said...

Nice job. I had an action, may have even been this one a while back and lost it. Glad to have this one again, simple and sweet. Good job!

Dreama said...

I would really love to have this action as I'm swamped right now and don't have time to hand do all of them and don't like the look.
But... it will NOT download for me. Help please.

Dreama said...

whoops. is my email. Thanks Dreama

Brian Hancock said...

Thanks for the heads up Dreama. Try again. i fixed it.

robixdf said...

It's exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you so much!

Sara said...

Perfect! Beautiful! Thank you SO much for sharing these actions!

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